Tuberculin “TB” Safety Syringes

Item: Tuberculin “TB” Safety Syringes (Sterile)
Compares to: Monjoect TB Safety Syringes
Purpose: Medication Delivery
Size: 1cc Syringe, Needle 25g x 5/8″ l 1cc Syringe, Needle 27g x 1/2″ l Syringe, Needle 1cc 28g x 1/2″
Count: 100 Per Box
Case Pack: 8 Boxes per Case


Tuberculin Safety Syringes

Tuberculin Safety Syringes are used for administering small volumes of medication, typically for tuberculin skin tests or other diagnostic purposes.  The Safety syringe contains a protective sheath that covers the needle before and after use to help prevent needlestick injuries, on completion of the injection, the safety mechanism locks the needle in the barrel.  These syringes have a small capacity, usually ranging from 0.5 mL to 1 mL, and are marked with fine graduations to enable precise measurement of medication. The fine gauge needle provides a smoother insertion for an improved comfortable injection experience.

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Features & Benefits


  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Sterile – Individually Packaged 
  • Easy to secure Pull-and-Twist safety mechanism 
  • Pre-Attached Ultra-Sharp needle 
  • Transparent barrel with large-font graduations allows for accurate measurement
  • Low dead-space design

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Product SKUs

PCSS730: Tuberculin Syringe | 1ml | 25g x 5/8″ | 100 per box | 8 boxes per case

PCSS735: Tuberculin Syringe | 1ml | 27g x 1/2″ | 100 per box | 8 boxes per case

PCSS740: Tuberculin Syringe | 1ml | 28g x 1/2″ | 100 per box | 8 boxes per case


Sales & Safety Data Sheets

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