Wynnmed Best Cleaning Tool

Advanced medical technology.

In this unique sponge, water activates the soap on the "light as a feather" sponge to produce a convenient, all-in-one product.


SCRUbzz is a simple soft sponge like cloth with a breakthrough technology. The sponge has soap in the fabric that is activated into a lather with only water..

All in one

Eliminates the cost and mess associated with soaps/shampoos, creams and washcloths.

Gentle to skin & hair

Soft fibers gently remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Leaves hair soft and clean.

pH balanced

Helps maintain skin health and reduce drying and irritation

Time and money saver

Cuts bathing time in half, saving valuable staff time and water

Long shelf life

Can be stored for extended periods


Can be used by an individual for self hygienic care

Easy To Use Instructions

Step 1

Add a small amount of water on the sponge

Step 2

Rub to produce lather

Step 3

Wash from head to toe (can be use for hair too)

Step 4

Towel dry & done

Dignity through care.

In this unique sponge, water activates the soap on the “light as a feather” sponge to produce a convenient, all-in-one product. The single-use soaped sponge is designed for personal hygiene in hospitals and health centers..

Wynnmed Bathing Sponges significantly reduce the resources necessary to bathe patients, while still providing a dignified experience.

About us

We created SCRUbzz for a specific need for those residents who are bedridden, vent patients, subacute, or off bathing days etc. SCRUbzz is a blessing for those in need. They can finally be bathed and cleansed with dignity, without any mess. No soaps, No water buckets, No perineal cleansers etc. Care with Dignity. We are confident you will love SCRUbzz. It is the GENIE sponge for those in need.

Frequently asked questions

Wynnmed Bathing Sponges requires a small amount of water. 2 tablespoons is a good indication.

One sponge is enough for most average-sized adults. Your institution's specific bathing or infection control protocols should be followed.

No, the cleansing solution does not need to be rinsed off.

The sponges should be disposed of as you would normal refuse. Do not flush in a toilet.

Wynnmed Bathing Sponges are single use only.

When used correctly, Wynnmed Bathing Sponges can be used on all intact skin. As with any product, if someone is known to have skin sensitivities, it is prudent to test a new product on a small patch of skin. (If there was sensitivity to a component of the cleaning solution it would likely appear like sensitivity to soap, as reddening of the skin or slight itching.)

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