Wynnmed Healthcare Products

Proudly Supplying Medical and Healthcare Products Across the USA

In 2017, Wynnmed Healthcare was founded by a group of experts that have long served in the medical and healthcare sectors. Our true nature and commitment to deliver to patients was directly correlated to the availability of high quality, clinically effective products in the healthcare industry. 

First hand, we found a flaw in supply and demand across the medical sector from hospitals to clinics. It was apparent that the supply chain to hospitals and clinics was either unreliable or sub-standard, and in light of such, we took action.

WynnMed Healthcare Products is proud to support the US healthcare sector, with premium products from fully verified suppliers. We are not just a sourcing company, we have taken control of the supply chain from start to finish.

Our products are developed to the highest level of compliance  quality and integrity is of utmost importance to our manufacturing process, meeting all US standards for selling into the medical and healthcare industry. 

We are proud to support doctors, nurses, care givers and care workers with premium products, under the assurance that they are always protecting themselves and delivering the best care and attention to their patients. Our aim was initially designed to service hospitals, nursing homes, home health, hospice & DMEs but since has has grown to deliver and supply to retail markets and domestic sectors. 

Wynnmed Healthcare deliver via a hybrid mix of internationally sourced products and internally manufactured processes, upholding to the highest quality standards the US market require to ensure clinical staff can use our products with peace of mind.

The Wynnmed Healthcare line of products is comprehensively covering all aspects of the most sought after healthcare demands including gloves, traditional wound care & gauzes, ointments, incontinence washcloths, tapes, over the counter and advanced wound care. 

We are continually growing our product range to ensure we are fulfilling our aim and commitment to the healthcare and medical services workers to deliver premium service whilst always being fully protected.