Enteral Irrigation Syringes

Item: Irrigation Syringe
Color: N/A
Count/Size: 1 syringe per bag
Bags/Case: 30 bags per case


Enteral Irrigation Syringes (60cc)

Enteral Irrigation Syringes 60cc feature a variety of tops and tips to aid in the irrigation of feeding tubes and medicine dispensation. The re sealable flaps help prevent contamination during 24-hour use. We offer irrigation syringes with universal tips. With their locking features, tips minimize connectivity issues between feeding tubes, administration sets and flush feeding syringes. Their female connectors are compatible with male patient-access feeding tube ports. Intended for single patient use.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for wound, catheter and feeding tube irrigation, supplemental hydration and manual liquid formula dispensation
  • Flat and thumb ring tops for maximum control, less hand slippage and contamination prevention
  • Catheter tips for piston irrigation syringes with small tube adapters and tip protectors
  • Individually packaged, single use only
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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Product SKUs

PC700: Irrigation Syringe | 60cc | Flat Top | 1 syringe per bag | 30 bags per case

PC710: Irrigation Syringe | 60cc | Thumb Control Ring Top | 1 syringe per bag | 30 bags per case


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