Instant Cold Packs

Item: Cold Packs
Count/Size: 6×9″
Case/Pack : 24 packs per case


Instant Cold Packs

ProCure Instant Cold Packs are for use whenever instant cold therapy is required. Immediate, colder-than-ice treatment for relief of pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains, contusions, toothaches, insect bites, minor injuries and minor burns. No refrigeration – squeeze and shake to activate. Once activated, these packs will consistently maintain a cold temperature for a full 20 minutes of clinically recommended application. Dispose of the ice pack after use, single use only.

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Features & Benefits


  • Instant relief minor injuries
  • Relief minor pain and swelling
  • Helps with minor burns
  • Disposable, single use only
  • 6×9 inches

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PC1210: Instant Cold Packs | 6×9″ | 24 Packs per Case


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