Gait/Transfer Belts
Metal or Plastic Buckle

Item: Gait / Transfer Belts
Material: Cotton (Metal or Plastic buckle)
Purpose: Allows both care giver and patient extra protection with transferring patients.
Size: 60″ | 72″


Gait/Transfer Belts

ProCure Gait Belts are used to provide assistance to a caregiver when lifting, ambulating or transferring patients. The belt is secured around the patient’s waist, then used to steady the patient as they move around together. The belt helps take some of the physical stress off the caregiver and reduces the risk of back injuries.

Gait belts are usually a few inches wide and made from canvas, nylon or leather with a buckle at the end. There are two main types of gait belt: a standard design with a metal buckle featuring loops and teeth and a quick release design featuring a plastic buckle that snaps in place.


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Improved patient mobility: Gait/transfer belts can help patients who have difficulty standing or walking to move around more easily and safely.
  • Increased patient independence: By providing support and stability, gait/transfer belts can help patients feel more confident and independent during daily activities.
  • May reduce risk of falls: Gait/transfer belts can help prevent falls by providing a secure grip for caregivers and reducing the risk of uncontrolled movements or slips.
  • Better ergonomics for caregivers: Gait/transfer belts can help reduce strain and injury for caregivers by providing a secure and stable grip on the patient during transfers and ambulation.
  • Customizable fit: Many gait/transfer belts offer adjustable sizing to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for patients of different sizes and needs.
  • Made of a washable cotton
  • Available with metal or plastic buckles.

Ordering Detail

Product SKUs

PCGBMB60P: Gait Belt | Metal Buckle/Pastel | 60″ | 100 belts per case

PCGBMB60W: Gait Belt | Metal Buckle/White | 60″ | 100 belts per case

PCGBMB72P: Gait Belt (X-Long) | Metal Buckle/Pastel | 72″ | 100 belts per case

PCGBPB72P: Gait Belt (X-Long) | Plastic Buckle/Pastel | 72″ | 100 belts per case


Sales & Safety Data Sheets

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