Paper Soufflé Cups

Item: Paper Soufflé Cups
Material: Paper
Measurement: .5oz | .75oz | 1oz
Count/Size: 250 cups per box
Case/Pack: 20 Boxes per Case


Paper Soufflé Cups

Paper Soufflé Cups are small, disposable cups made from paper material. They are commonly used in various food and beverage applications. These cups are often found in healthcare settings for dispensing medication, serving condiments, or collecting samples. They are lightweight, convenient, and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic or styrofoam cups.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for medication distribution
  • Works well with some pill crushers for clean and simple pill crushing and dispensing
  • Commonly used for serving condiments, sample portions of food and more

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Product SKUs

PCPSC050: Paper Soufflé Cups | 0.5oz Portion Cups | 250 per box | 20 boxes per case

PCPSC075: Paper Soufflé Cups | 0.75oz Portion Cups | 250 per box | 20 boxes per case

PCPSC100: Paper Soufflé Cups | 1oz Portion Cups | 250 per box | 20 boxes per case


Sales & Safety Data Sheets

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